Prince Construction Company, Inc. (PCC) was founded in the District of Columbia in 1988 to provide quality construction services to the Mid-Atlantic region. We have been certified as a Minority Business Enterprise – 8(a) – with various jurisdictions including, Washington DC MBOC, Prince George’s MBOC, Virginia’s MBE and others.

PCC was organized to provide expert service in the areas of General Contracting, Construction Management, as well as heavy construction services in the areas of street construction, repair, maintenance, asphalt paving, ramp construction, concrete work, sewer and utility work. We are members of local 201 for furnishing and installing reinforcing steel.
As a minority business, PCC is one of a very few firms with this broad range of services. We are constantly receiving positive responses from government, general contractors and private projects for our participation is such projects. As always, it is the policy and philosophy of PCC to provide the best workmanship at competitive prices.

With over 20 years of corporate experience, PCC has been deeply involved wth the Washington metropolitan area construction community in both construction management and heavy construction projects, but we have successfully completed projects in the neighboring states of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Our key management personnel brings over 150 years of progressive construction experience to the company and, therefore, to each project. Each key person brings their own specialty or expertise to the company and thus gives PCC an extensive range and combination of various construction experiences.

PCC has grown quickly in a short period of time. By focusing on objectives set early in the planning stage: Maintain a high standard of performance; Maintain a steady level of growth; and provide a service which guarantees repeat customers, we have managed to reach a sales level of over 10 million dollars and a bonding capacity of over 6 million dollars.

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